Slides for the sun, the salt & the easy riders…

Sandals are recognized as the first form of footwear ever worn. The earliest known examples were relatively simple creations, made from natural materials – leaves, twisted vines and woven palms. 

Woven Palm is an independent Australian lifestyle footwear brand created in 2014 by Kim Bexon; mother, wife, Japanese & Indonesian teacher, and ocean lover. Each pair of slides are designed and handmade to reflect the relaxed, natural & salty elements known to beach lovers.

The leather industry is one of the oldest manufacturing sectors globally and it’s no secret that it has a significant environmental impact. Even though many of the hides are a byproduct of the dairy and meat industry, if they were to be disposed of instead, the land fill would have an even more detrimental effect on the environment.

There is also the argument of the excessive chemical and water use when it comes to tanning leathers, which again proving that it’s not eco-friendly. Having said this, times are changing and there are many companies striving to create leathers that are sustainable, circular and biodegradable.

As a small business in the leather industry, I needed to make a conscious decision about how I was going to show responsibility to minimise my impact on the environment, and my first step was to know the origin of my leathers. I talk to the suppliers to understand where the leathers have come from and how they have been made. As much as I can, I choose stock that is both a byproduct and of high-quality.

Secondly, a benefit of being a small business, that makes-to-order, is that I only buy stock that I need, which in turn means little or no waste.

Thirdly, I make as much effort as I can to buy green, in terms of packaging the slides and marketing materials.

Genuine leather is durable, breathable and has a beautiful patina, which, as a working mum, is an appealing trait for me in a slide. In the fashion industry if buying and wearing a long-lasting, responsibly produced, handmade product doesn’t equate to sustainability, I’m not sure what does.”

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Image: Catie Allen